Is Ryanair safe to fly with?

Perhaps best known for their extremely cheap flights around Europe, Ryanair, Europe's largest airline, seems to be changing its' image little by little to draw more customers. But is Ryanair a safe airline to fly with? How can they offer such cheap flights unless they are cutting on crucial costs like planes and staff which both directly impact on safety. Let's take a look at the facts.

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There are people who remain skeptical of the safety of Ryanair due to their extremely low fares. Many people quickly assume that if they can sell their tickets for such a low price, the planes must be cheap as well meaning that it must be unsafe to fly with them.

After the airing of a documentary in 2006, there were many disgruntled people who most likely vowed never to fly with Ryanair again. Whether or not the people making the documentary sensationalised it is up to the viewer and their research. But ever since the release of that documentary, there have been some changes made in the EU airline regulations.

The EU Civil Authorities have very strict policies and procedures that airlines must follow and carry out random checks on all European airlines including Ryanair. The Strict European Aviation Safety Rules apply for all airlines operating in the EU. If Ryanair were to breach any of these rules and regulations, there would be many consequences from the EU Authorities as well as an instant loss of customers.

If you believe in stats, then maybe they can provide some comfort to you. Since the airline's inception in 1985, Ryanair have only ever recorded one instance of a crash. It was back in November of 2009 when an aircraft experienced bird strikes on a runway which damaged both engines. Two crew members and eight passengers suffered minor injuries in that incident and thankfully there were no deaths.

To sum up the airline, is Ryanair cheap? Definitely. Is it stressful to fly with them? Sometimes, but it is getting better slowly but surely. Is Ryanair dangerous to fly with? No. Remember, because Ryanair is extremely budget conscious and working on a simple A to B model, the airline regularly acquires the most modern fuel efficient aircraft available on the market making the fleet relatively new, safe and fuel efficient.

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