Is it worth hiring a Tourist Guide?

Exploring a new country or city can be an exciting time. While some like the adventure of arriving and taking things as they come, others might prefer having the trip more organized and planned. One question to think about then is whether or not it is worth hiring a tour guide?

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Personal tour guides can often be hired for as long or short as you would like whether that be a day tour of a few famous museums or a week for the entire city. It all depends on what your needs are and what type of trip you would like.


  • - A personal guide has inside knowledge of the area, therefore they know when the best and worst times to visit sights would be and what the best ways to get to these places are.
  • - You can ask questions at your leisure to the guide about the attraction or the city and receive interesting insight into the local culture and history.
  • - They book attractions for you so there is no need to wait in the long longs which saves you time.
  • - You have a personal photographer always available


  • - You may book a tour guide for a few days before meeting them and then realize during the tour that you don't get along with him/her.
  • - Personal tour guides can be expensive so sometimes it is better to go with a small or large group though it is more restricting.
  • - The guided tour may start out interesting but soon becomes an overload of information.
  • - Often large tour guide groups have a partnership or some deal with local souvenier shops so unwanted stop offs may be a part of the excursion.

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