Is it safe to travel to Egypt now?

While political unrest continues to grow in Egypt , travelers are still strongly advised to avoid the area as it doesn't look like the situation is going to calm down any soon.

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The ongoing political turmoil further exacerbate the tension between the Muslim Brotherhood and the police, representing the 'old guard', with Mohammed Morsi supporters often targeting security forces stationing in proximity to Cairo University with any means possible, including explosive devices. Not long ago ago, two homemade bombs planted in the trees near the campus exploded killing an Egyptian police brigadier general and injuring five others.

Sharm el Sheikh

Security has been stepped up even in the sheltered holiday destination of Sharm el Sheikh - which in the past managed to remain fairly safe despite being surrounded by political turmoil.

A British security team has just been sent out to the popular travel destination to assess potential terror threats as recently a bus traveling to Taba in the southern region of Sinai was attacked by a suicide bomber with the blast killing both the driver and the three South Korean tourist who were on board.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has not yet red flagged Red Sea resorts but has urged to avoid all travel beyond the resort area. According to a statistic published by Ahram newspaper, in the past few months Egypt recorded a staggering 28% drop in tourist numbers, with many tour operators deciding to pull holidaymakers out of the country to avoid any risk.

Emergency Numbers

  • British Embassy Cairo:
  • British Embassy 7 Ahmed Ragheb Street Garden City Egypt.
  • Telephone: + 2 (02) 2791 6000

  • Tourist Police: 126
  • Fire Service: 180
  • Ambulance: 123
  • Police: 122
  • Flying Hospital Service: 37766393/2
  • Gas Emergency: 129
  • Western Union Money Transfer: 796-2151

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