Is a Plane safer than a Train

The thought of travelling long distance on a plane, train or automobile can be stressful for many people. This is especially the case if you are worried about how safe different modes of transportation are. So which one is safer, planes or trains?


In general, traveling by train and planes are the two safest ways of long-distance traveling compared to other modes of transportation. Whenever there is either a train or plane accident it often gains a lot of attention due to its rareness.

In 2014 there were many plane crashes such as the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines’ MH17 killing 298, the disappearance of MH370 and crashes of AirAsia’s QX8501 and Air Algerie Flight 5017. This may lead one to believe that it is by far the least safest way to travel, but it actually is the safest.

2014 was an abnormally bad year for flying with 22 accidents resulting in 992 fatalities according to Aviation Safety Network, with Malaysia Airlines MH370 being the deadliest taking the lives of 239 passengers. It may come as a surprise to hear Harro Ranter, president of Aviation Safety Network say that, "There have been some significant safety improvements since 2000. It should be reassuring that the safety level is very high at the moment."

In comparison trains have a much higher number of accidents per year, but keep in mind that while this may be the case, there are more fatalities per incident in planes. Trains also have to take into account fatalities of those involved in the accident that were not train passengers.

So if you have aviophobia, a fear of flying, than a train is a perfectly safe way to travel as well and it allows you to enjoy the scenery. But if you are looking for the safest way to travel, flying is the way to go.

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