Looking at your options for irish hotels?

If Ireland is your destination then we've found some beautiful Irish hotels for you to consider. We've scoured the island and found two beautiful hotels that will leave you in the lap of luxury while you stay.

These two hotels are very much at the luxury end of things, but we're firm believers in spoiling yourself on a holiday. Our first pick is the beautiful Fitzwilliam Hotel, which is located right in the heart of Dublin's fair city.

This hotel long had a reputation for being unaffordable, but given the current economic conditions in Ireland, they have adjusted accordingly, and rooms are available for cheaper than you'd think!

The elegance of the Fitzwilliam Hotel is a mere five minutes from nearly all the major sights in Dublin, as it's central location provides the perfect platform for a day spent sightseeing or sampling the many beautiful pubs in Dublin.

The Fitzwilliam's in-house restaurant, run by famous chef Kevin Thornton, is a treat for even the most hard to please foodie!

Our next hotel to consider is located in Northern Ireland, it's the Stormont Hotel.

This hotel is located right in the heart of the action in Belfast, as it looks over the seat of Northern Ireland's government. Like the Fitzwilliam, the Stormont Hotel offers affordable opulence, and they'll even match the price of any room of a comparable quality in Northern Ireland. So their quality comes with a guarantee, this is the kind of promise we could get used to!

No matter which of these excellent hotels you choose, you're in for a treat. Enjoy your Irish hotel break!

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