Quick getaway by Irish ferries to Scotland

Scotland is a wonderful destination for a quick weekend break or a more relaxing week-long getaway.  If time is not an issue then a nice alternative to flying is to take Irish ferries to Scotland and experience the breathtaking scenery that Scotland and Ireland have to offer.

On stenaline.ie regular ferries sail between Belfast and Stranraer.  Stenaline offer competitive Sail & Rail tickets that leave from Connolly Station right in the heart of Dublin taking you to a city of your choosing in Scotland.  Prices range from €55 one-way to Glasgow and Edinburgh, €61 one-way to Leuchars and Dundee and €70 one-way to Aberdeen and Inverness.

However these prices are still on the expensive side so we are going to introduce you to a price-busting website to save you money.  Searching ferries on ojp.nationalrail.co.uk is simple and quick.  This site works just like all the low fare airline comparison websites and you can actually find some amazing sail and rail combo deals on here.  By typing in Dublin as your place of departure and Glasgow as your destination you can find tickets starting at as little as €35 one-way.

Prices increase once again as you travel farther east in Scotland but only at peak times.  On ojp.nationalrail.co.uk, tickets are available from Dublin to Inverness for just under €40 one-way if you are willing to go at offf-peak times.  So for the absolute best deals on Irish ferries to Scotland check out these two sites and you will enjoy Scotland safe in the knowledge that you got the best deal out there.

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