Companies that Offer Ireland to France Ferry Service

Brittany Ferries and Irish Ferries offer a Ireland to France ferry service. Each company operates from different ports, so prices do vary. Ferry services is a convenient way to travel from Ireland to France or vice versa. Plus, you bring your car so you don't have to pay for a rental or find transportation once you reach your destination. Learn more about these ferry companies, their ports and rates as of 2011.

Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries (BrittanyFerries.ie) run between Cork, Ireland, and Roscoff, France. In addition to the ferry fee for your car and passengers, you must add reclining seating or cabins with en suite facilities. The cost for four people and a vehicle and rooms comes to €320 each way. If you book reclining seats instead of a cabin, the price drops to €248 each way.

When booking ferry service with Brittany Ferries, you pay a 25 percent deposit to hold your reservation. The remaining balance is paid 46 days before your date of travel. If you book within 46 days of your travel date, you must pay the entire fee at once. Changes to your booking require a €15 amendment fee. If you cancel your booking 47 or more days in advance of your travel day, you receive your deposit back in full.

If you cancel with 8 to 46 days, you get your deposit back as a travel voucher towards another booking. If you cancel no more than a week in advance, you receive a travel voucher for the amount you paid minus amendment fees.

Irish Ferries

Irish Ferries (IrishFerries.com) offer two routes to France. Roscoff to Rosslare takes 14 hours and prices. Roscoff to Cherbourg takes over 16 hours. Rates for a four-door car with a driver and three passenger start at €138 each way.

These ferries travel overnight, so passengers may add cabins or reserved seating to their booking. Reserved seats cost €16 and cabins range in price from €52 to €227. Cabins include a bathroom, television, mini-car and seating area. Guests receive breakfasts and a complimentary fruit basket.

To book space on these ferries, a €100 non-refundable deposit is necessary. Reservations must be made at least 42 days in advance. If you need to change or cancel your reservation fees start at €25. You will not receive a refund for cancellations made less than 20 days before your travel date.

Flexible Travel Plans Help You Save Money

Having flexible travel plans saves you money. Ferry companies offer special discounts available for last-minute bookings or for bookings that include hotel accommodations. Ask about these special deals when you book your Ireland to France ferry.

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