iPhone app combats rip-off taxis

Prague has long suffered the outrage expressed by tourists visiting its city and falling victim to being charged bogus taxi rates for a small ride around the block, as well as other such dishonest behaviour from its cab drivers. But not for much longer, thanks to the developers of a new iPhone app, the Daily Mail reveals.

Having tasted for itself the trickery of its cab drivers when the city's mayor took a ride in disguise and was overcharged 22 euros, officials were keen to adopt Czech company 'Et netera''s Taxameter app, which allows tourists to monitor their journeys via GPS and report suspicious behaviour instantly.

Various dodgy drivers had 'been using 'turbo' meters charging illegal higher fares, taking passengers via the longest possible routes, refusing to produce receipts, and there has even been a case of a driver who had wired up the seats so he could deliver an electric shock to any troublesome passengers.'

The app sounds like just the ticket to us but against a driver who intends to shock you into obedient silence, you'd be better off calling the police on any good old-fashioned phone.

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