Interrail Route Ideas and Inspiration

Are you looking for an adventure where you can explore the many gems Europe has to offer? One of the most popular ways to do this, especially for those on a gap year, is to book an Interrail ticket. There are a few different options which give you the choice of staying in one country for an extended amount of time or to explore any number of the participating 30 countries.

    Nuno Morão - Wikimedia

Those of you who get excited at the thought of standing in front of iconic sights and visiting famous museums will want to travel within Western Europe. As this ticket does not include the country of origin, a nice little workaround is to book a great value Ryanair flight into Paris where you can start the trip off on a high note by visiting the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

From there, make you way toward the delicious food on offer in Brussels and then off to visit a few world famous museums in Amsterdam. For a change of pace, you can explore the historic and lively city of Berlin or settle in for a pint at the Hofbrauhaus in Munich. Follow this by exploring the beautiful snow capped Alps in Zurich, the rolling hills and iconic views offered in Tuscany, ended by making your way back to France and stopping off in beautiful Marseilles for a night out at the opera.

A cheaper and equally beautiful option is to travel through Eastern Europe. Start by flying into Prague where you can get your shopping fix. Head to the history packed city of Warsaw and continue on to take in the various castles that Bratislava in Slovakia has to offer. Chug along to the neighboring city in Slovenia, Ljubljana, and spend your last few days soaking in the beautiful landscape of Vienna before heading back to the party city of Prague.

Another great Eastern Europe route that has much to offer begins by flying into wither Split or Zagreb in Croatia. Take a few days to go island hopping then make tracks to Ljubljana in Slovenia where there is bound to be a cultural event taking place in some part of the city. Budapest is another hotspot in the region offering something for everyone. Cruise along the Danube during the day and then dance the night away. Make sure to stop off and relax in the baths as well. Wind down by relaxing in the quaint environment of Belgrade before wrapping up a wonderful trip.

If you like to do things a bit differently the rather than buying all of your tickets beforehand and having everything planned out to a T, why not book only the first ticket. This may seem crazy to some of you but you can easily find a hotel to rest at and then see where the wind takes you. Part of the fun of the Interrail is that you have the option to be flexible along the way allowing you to talk to travellers and finding places that are off the beaten track. If you aren’t feeling it in one city, simply move on to a different one that you may enjoy more.

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