We check out the airlines offering internal American flights

Internal American flights

Are you planning a grandstand holiday to the United States and you are wondering the best way to get around when you are there? Internal American flights are inexpensive and easily the best way to get around this vast country. America has its fair share of low cost carriers and in this blog, we are going to check out which of them offers you a decent fare!

Given that the UK could comfortably fit into the state of Texas twice over, it will give you a small appreciation of the size of the United States. It would take a number of days to drive across the country, so why not check out what JetBlue are offering on their site at www.jetblue.com. JetBlue are a low fares airline, but they offer brilliant extras like free tv, free snacks, extra legroom, and a host of other perks you wouldn't find on a low cost carrier in Europe. They fly to over 50 destinations in the U.S and have a huge base at Kennedy Airport in New York, so if you are flying from that area, they are a great bet.

If you are more West Coast based, then why not check out what is on offer from South West Airlines at www.southwest.com/. South West Airlines serve a huge number of destinations around the country, and they are the airline that Ryanair copied to get their low cost model of operation, so you know they will provide cheap fares. They are highly recommended.

A final recommendation from us is one of the new kids on the block in the U.S and that is www.virginamerica.com/. Recently voted the best US Airline is Conde Nast Traveller's Business Travel Poll, this airline offers brilliant deals, and full service. Definately well worth a look!

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