Interactive History Lessons at Canary Islands' Ecomuseum of the Alcogida

Departing from the traditional concept of museums, the Ecomuseo de La Alcogida in Tefia, Fuerteventura in Canary Islands retraces the island’s cultural history through carefully preserved houses and painstaking recreation of the villagers’ way of life.

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Stroll through the open-air museum on your Canary Islands holiday and see island houses that have changed little since ancient times. There are two, in particular, which contrast the living conditions of the common folk with that of the wealthy islanders. Built from stone, lime, sand, and mud, each of the seven preserved homes in the museum distinctly reflects the profession of its previous owner -- craftsman, farmer, or herder.

As you explore the community, you’ll marvel at prehistoric implements, such as cot walls (you’ll even find white pigeons in them), stone ovens, a courtyard, and even ancient windmills. Walk around and you’ll see various workshops for pottery, weaving, and stone cutting. You’ll even get to see how they used to make goat’s cheese.

When you get tired from all the walking, chill out at the on-site café. You can also join various activities geared for interaction between the “villagers” and the tourists. Try out traditional games, parrandas or feasts, and food-tasting events which include the sampling of artisan bread.

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