Taking Informal Cruises from Southampton

What is an informal cruise?

Traditional 'formal' cruises are very structured.  They include meals at specific times, and dressing for dinner, often in evening dress, is required.  In this day and age many people prefer something less formal, and informal cruises have done away with much of this.  Some of them have formal meals, but also an option of another restaurant where 'dressing up' is not required.  Some have no specific mealtimes, and you can et as and when you like.  Many have done away with dress codes completely.

Which companies arrange informal cruises from Southampton?

You should have a wide choice, as Southampton is a very popular port for cruise departures.  A web search brings up a number of companies, among them the well-known Thomas Cook, www.thomascook.com, and also P & O cruises, www.pocruises.com and Virgin Holidays, www.virginholidaycruises.co.uk.  You can also find a large number of these types of cruises - which are rapidly overtaking traditional formal cruises in popularity - at any travel agent.  And it is worth looking in newspapers, both local and national, for cruise advertisements.  You can find out if a cruise is informal, if you are not sure, but ringing any of the companies' customer service advisors; most are extremely helpful.

Where can you go on an informal cruise from Southampton?

Thee is a huge choice of destinations.  A few short or 'taster' cruises go for a day or a weekend to one of the Channel ports, or perhaps somewhere like Bruges.  A very large number tour the Mediterranean ports, as this a cruise length that fits well into the week or fortnight that most people have for their holidays.  However, some are much longer, and you can cruise from Southampton to the Middle East, Africa, America, Australia, or round the world - if you have enough time and money.

Informal cruises have certainly made cruising much more accessible to a wider variety of people.  Why not try it?

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