In the footsteps of The Beatles

The Beatles were one of the first groups to impact the music industry on a global scale. Their rise to stardom took them to some of the most unforgettable cities in the world.

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were all from Liverpool England.

Having celebrated its 800th anniversary, Liverpool was dubbed European Capital of Culture in 2008 with more museums, theatres and galleries than any other UK city. In the summer, theatre buffs can look forward to the Liverpool Shakespeare Festival celebrating works of William Shakespeare produced by the Lodestar Theatre Company. They can also enjoy daily shows at the Liverpool Empire Theatre, where The Beatles performed in 1965. Revel in the city’s “Cultural Quarter” on William Brown Street, where sit the William Brown Library, World Museum Liverpool and Walker Art Gallery, which offers innovative ways for children to enjoy art. Football fans can also enjoy exhibits at these museums which house memorabilia from two of the country’s leading football clubs – Everton and Liverpool F.C.

The Beatles first came to New York City as guests on the Ed Sullivan Show. A year later, they performed at the Shea Stadium which has now been demolished.

When visiting New York, explore the Bronx Museum of Art for a touch of local flavor. The Marianne Boesky Gallery is another hip place featuring contemporary art. At the Guggenheim Museum, art isn’t just limited to the collections. Party scenes include hanging at Chloe81 where only the most sophisticated are sure to turn heads on a Wednesday night. For some quiet conversation, 67 Orange Street is the place to hang out in. On the other hand, sports fans can enjoy the ball game at Citi Field, the new home of the New York Mets.

When the Beatles visited Manila, Philippines in 1966, the band turned down an invitation from then First Lady Imelda Marcos, but nevertheless played twice in a single day for the biggest paying crowd in their touring history – 80,000 people!

The Malacañang Palace is the official residence of the president of the Philippines. Here the Malacañang Museum showcases memorabilia from past presidencies, including a special exhibit of relics from the Marcos era. Manila’s colonial past is evident especially within Intramuros, a walled city built by the Spaniards in the 16th century. Enjoy Kalesa rides, and learn about the country’s national hero Jose Rizal. Stroll along nearby Manila Bay, renowned for its dramatic sunsets, restaurants, and boat cruises. Small is beautiful at the Hobbit House located in Malate, where the majority of the staff are “little people”; be sure to check out what’s on the menu as well as performances by local bands.

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