In the Footsteps of Christopher Columbus

He may not have really discovered America, but Christopher Columbus, a Genoese navigator, coloniser, and explorer, became famous for what he did best: he crossed the seas and established outposts for European colonisers. He made a total of four voyages to the New World during his lifetime, each one a historic marker of Western civilisation. Here, we follow his baby steps on his very first voyage to America.

Canary Islands. This was Columbus’ first stop after departing from Palos (near Huelva) in Southern Spain. He was delayed here for four weeks because of calm winds. Although such winds were considered setbacks for his expedition, they’re actually one of the things that lure people to the islands today. Add to that the enchanting beauty of the islands themselves: Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera, and El Hierro. Breathtaking beaches, the Carnaval festivities during February or March, and Mt. Teide, the highest point in Tenerife, are just some of the highlights of Canary Islands holidays.

Bahamas. Columbus stayed here from September 8 to October 12, 1492. During his voyage, he came across five islands, which he named San Salvador, Santa Maria de la Concepcion, Fernandina, Isabela, and Las Islas de Arena. Today, the islands in Bahamas are among the top choices for a holiday. Packed with pristine, white sand beaches, the Bahamas offers exciting water activities: swimming with sharks at Walker’s Cay, dolphin encounters, and partying at the stunning pink sands of Harbour Island.

Cuba. Sixteen days after his trip to Bahamas, Columbus travelled to Cuba, the largest Caribbean island. The capital city, Havana, is home to a vibrant nightlife. Trinidad has remarkable, colonial-era buildings and is a World Heritage Site. Cayo Largo is an island hosting some nudist resorts.

Lisbon. The old-world charm of Portugal's capital city fascinates travellers from all over the world. Commanding tourists’ attention here are the various structures with distinct, remarkable styles: Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque, among others. The Belem Tower is also a popular attraction; its 35-metre top provides incredible views of the city’s landscape.

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