Important European haunts for jazz lovers

The Danish capital has long been famous for its jazz scene, which boomed in the sixties with some visiting American musicians settling in this tolerant, liberal city. You’ll find plenty of jazz haunts in Copenhagen’s Old Town, to be enjoyed any time of year, but if you’re a real jazz fan, you can plan ahead for a trip to next year’s Jazz Festival which takes place in July.

During the rest of the year, if you’re in Copenhagen on the jazz trail, why not start off at the city’s oldest jazz club, La Fontaine (lafontaine.dk)? Cosy and atmospheric, the mainstream swing music goes on all night.

A must visit haunt is the small Jazzhus Montmartre (jazzhusmontmartre.dk) which has been recently refurbished, returning to its former glory. Famous in the sixties for hosting American greats it is once again attracting top musicians.

If you prefer spacious venues, try the well-known Copenhagen Jazzhouse (jazzhouse.dk). The club has two stages where classic jazz and swing is performed along with more experimental music. Downstairs has a capacity of 300 people but there’s a more intimate upstairs café/bar.

Easy Jet (easyjet.com) flies to Copenhagen from London and Manchester.

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