If you’re looking for a quiet island holiday, Menorca is the place.

Smaller and less frantic than its bigger sister islands Ibiza and Mallorca, the beautiful, still unspoilt island of Menorca, with its turquoise clear waters and low key villages is reinventing itself as package tourism declines. Over the last ten years the number of British visitors has fallen from 650,000 a year to 390,000, as the Brits head for new sunshine destinations. As a result, the island has had to come up with some new ideas to attract tourists, both on land and on sea, reports the Independent.

Water sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing, windsurfing and surfing continue to attract Spanish and German tourists and the island is now developing kayaking, with a recent ‘Concentración’ organized to take around 150 paddlers out on the water each day to promote its spectacular coastline.

It’s a great way to explore the fabulous coves and bays of the white-sanded southern coast (the north is rougher and redder for those who prefer something wilder). You’ll be stepping on virgin-like sands with no high rise buildings or traffic-laden roads to spoil a perfect view.

Even the elegant honey-coloured old town centres of harbor towns Ciutadella and the capital Mahón, appear not to have changed for a century, although there is a lively nightlife to enjoy, or you can just sit out on one of the restaurant terraces, indulge in a fish supper and watch the sunset.

Monarch (www.flymonarch.com) flies to Menorca from Birmingham, Gatwick, Luton and Manchester; Jet2 (www.jet2.com) from Edinburgh, Leeds-Bradford and Newcastle; easyJet (www.easyJet.com) from Gatwick and Manchester and Bmibaby (www.bmibaby.com) from East Midlands.

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