If you’re a loner and a beach lover, we have the perfect destination.

Turkey is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination, with travellers heading for the multitude of fascinating monuments that mystical Istanbul has to offer, and/or the cobalt blue waters and white sandy beaches along the coast. But there are still a number of secluded spots which remain virtually tourist free, for those looking for some untrampled coastline. We’ve searched the web and come up with the following retreats.

If you’re prepared to walk down a steep track for 20 minutes, you’ll be rewarded with the stunning virtually empty beach of Kabak, reports BBC Travel, close to solitude-searchers’ paradise, Butterfly Valley. The beach, flanked by cliffs which offer extra seclusion, is eight kilometres south of Faralya, totally remote and suitable for the camping, ‘back-to-nature’ type.

Alternatively, if the idea of an Aegean island appeals, Gökçeada is one of the two inhabited islands belonging to Turkey. Gökçeada, means Heavenly Island, and this rugged paradisiacal isle, just north of the entrance to the Dardanelles, measures 13km from north to south and just under 30km from east to west. Gökçeada packs some dramatic scenery into a small area and offers some great beaches, the best of which is arguably Aydincik, adjacent to Tuz Gölü (Salt Lake). If you’re looking for something more intimate, there are smaller beaches at Kapıkaya and Uğurlu on the stunningly picturesque southeast coast.

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