Iconic Christmas trees across the pond for fans of the festive season to visit.

What can be more iconic for the Americans than The National Tree at the White House in Washington D.C. (pictutred)? The first ever tree lighting ceremony was held at the President’s residence in 1923, presided over by President Calvin Coolidge, and is now a much awaited yearly event, reports Bing Travel. The forty-two-foot-tall Colorado Blue Spruce has been a White House feature for forty-six years now and was donated by a family from York, Pennsylvania.

Whilst in New York, a seventy-foot Norwegian Spruce at the Rockefeller Centre is the star of the town. The first tree lighting ceremonial event took place in 1933 in the bleak Depression years. It is now a huge televised celebrity TV bonanza. This year 100,000 people witnessed the cheerful lighting of this emblematic tree.

Or how about a thirty foot Christmas tree made of 245,000 green Lego Duplo bricks? This amazing construction is on display in Legoland in San Diego California. It’s decorated with 400 ornaments, also made of Lego and lots of lights; a real treat for the kids to see.

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