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Their site is easy to use and user friendly helping you to find the right icelolly villas for you easily and quickly with no fuss!

They offer an easy to use search and compare holiday system which lists the accommodations by lowest price so you are sure to get the best bargains and deals available.

You can choose from sun holidays, ski holidays, and city breaks.

So whether you want a sun holiday in Spain where you can relax on the beach with sangria or an adrenaline filled skiing trip to the French Alps they can help you find the right icelolly villas for your trip.

With prices for Spanish villas starting from £150 and ranging to £437 there is plenty of choice on location and villa type.

You can choose from self catering to all inclusive depending on your tastes and holiday plans.

If you are wanting to head to Ibiza for the party of the century then why not see what villas they have on offer for you!

Sol Bay Apartments offer self catering holidays for 7 nights with prices starting from only £212 per person and that's with flights included! Their complex is close to all the local amenities and has a amazing swimming pool for you to take a dip in after a long night partying!

If you want a little more luxury try the 4 star Azuline Atlantic Aparthotel for 7 nights from only £321 per person. Just 350 meters from the Es Cana beach the location is perfect!


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