Save big this summer with Icelolly cruises

With the amount of travel comparison sites available these days it can be tricky to find one which consistently delivers the freshest deals and most up-to-date prices. One site which has caught our eye in recent months is Icelolly.com a no-nonsense holiday comparison site that covers sun holidays, city breaks, skill holidays and, most importantly of all, cruise holidays.

Despite the fact that cruise holidays have seen a decrease in popularity among many people in recent years, the fact is that they offer the absolute best in rest and relaxation. You'll never need to stress about getting lost, finding a taxi or worrying about whether your hotel is safe with a cruise holiday. Everything is self contained and aside from the occasional port stop, your time will be free from all concerns apart from relaxing, working on your tan and trying to figure out the best way to enjoy yourself at any given time.

The Icelolly cruises search engine is a doddle to use. You just log on to the site, pick the rough area of your intended destination, select the duration of your trip, pop in the month you'd like to travel and finally select the cruise. If you have any preferences, if you don't there's a handy "any cruise line" option which will allow you to see all the offers available.

The prices are fully transparent, and you'll know straight away whether additional features such as flights to and from the departure port are included in your price. You can even specify whether your search results should only list packages that include flights and any additional hotel accommodation required for the trip!

It couldn't be easier, so get yourself over to www.icelolly.com now and check it out.

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