Iceland's hottest ticket - volcano tourism

In the early hours of Sunday the 21st of March, the Eyjafjallajokull volcano, 125km east of Reykjavik in Iceland, sprang into life. It was the first eruption since 1823 and 600 people were immediately evacuated from the area.

Soon after though, British tour operator Discover the World, who operate a ‘volcano hotline’, sent a message to hundreds of people who had previously signed up and offered them the chance to get up close to the eruption by snowmobile, superjeep or helicopter. They were ferrying in adventure tourists by the chopper load. Drops are run from the Hotel Ranga, HotelRanga.

And just as well the volcano erupted since temperatures after sunset drop to below 25 degrees. Tourists get to within about 500m of the erupting lava, which crashes to the ground in an endless succession of low booms – certainly beats sitting by the pool.

A return flight taking around an hour, including 15 minutes to get out on the glacier and look at the eruption, costs €310 per person. Check out DiscoverTheWorld.

And apparently every time the Eyjafjallajokull volcano has erupted in the past, it has been followed within a year by an eruption of neighbouring Katla, so get onto the volcano hotline now.

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