Icelandic volcano: is this the start of the 'traincation'?

The rhythmic rumble of the wheels beneath you and the rolling vista of ever-changing views outside your window to name but two. It's intriguing that many of the stranded British passengers returning to the UK have mentioned the adventure, challenge and surprising joys of their return trips.

As you whizz your way smoothly to Switzerland and back, crossing the Alps courtesy of Eurostar, SNCF and the Glacier Express to St Moritz, you’ll be easily convinced that a traincation is the way forward. GlacierExpress.

Nibbling on a smoked salmon blini and sipping champagne as the magnificent mountain panoramas unfurl around you, you’ll wonder if the denizens of St Moritz with their private jets and bejewelled canines knew what they were missing. Who needs a volcano to experience the joys of slow?

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