A word on Ibiza Rocks hotel reviews

As with everything you find on the web, you will hear both good and bad Ibiza Rocks hotel reviews. But, the one thing we can all agree on is that Ibiza Rocks hotel has come a long way since it was first opened in May 2008. The hotel has become the go to destination for music lovers, the young and young at heart looking for plenty of sunshine, cool accommodation and a good party vibe all day round.

The hotel

Ibiza Rocks hotel, formerly known as Club Paraiso Mediterraneo, is located 300m from San Antonio’s West End night life in Ibiza town, Spain. The hotel boasts two Ibiza Rocks bars: Tropicana and Lobby and the Electric Bar & Grill that serve up delightful breakfast and freshly made burgers, salads, wraps and smoothies poolside. It doesn’t end there, though.

An Ibiza Rocks Bar & Diner takes centre stage in town amidst other popular sunset bars, diners and beach. Ibiza Rocks Shop and Sony Hideout then offer a wide range of Rocks branded merchandise like shirts, caps and jackets to ensure you feel right at home while in the resort.

Onsite Ibiza Rocks supermarket tops it all with stocks of all the essentials you need to make your stay at the hotel is not only fun, but practical and memorable.

Weekly events

Virtually all Ibiza Rocks hotel reviews you come across will agree that the two hottest weekly events on the Island are the world famous Ibiza Rocks gigs and the We Are Rockstars (W.A.R!) events held at the hotel.

Ibiza Rocks gigs are held every Wednesday under the Balearic stars and showcase breakthrough international artists who take the stage to perform live music.

W.A.R!, on the other hand, sees the biggest names in electronic music take the stage for a sizzling night of music and dance every Friday.

Pool parties

The party continues at two of the hotel's outdoor pools. One of the pools is the perfect location for chilled back sunbathing, while the main pool plays host to daily pool parties led by some of the island’s biggest and ‘meanest’ club brands, including Hed Kandi, Cream and We Love.

With all the fun going down in Ibiza, it’s easy to see why we still maintain Ibiza Rocks Hotel is the place to go over summer. Ibiza Rocks hotel reviews for summer 2013 actually show that things are getting bigger and better at the hotel with each passing year.

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Website: ibizarocks.com/hotel

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