I want to stay in London...

Check out the City Hotel in London. This is a beautiful hotel located near London's business districts and also within walking distance of all of London's most popular attractions. It doesn't really matter what you are in London to do, the city hotel is in range of the major areas. It is a budget hotel but still holds up with some of the big boys proving that price doesn't always reflect the quality. If you want to splash out a little more and get all your meals covered then the single room package might be the one for you. At £179 you will get a full buffet breakfast and a three course meal along with your room. They also do lots of great deals so it is well worth checking them out.

If you want to experience one of the East End's coolest bars check out The Lane. This is a funky modern style bar that has a great terrace view to sit at while you enjoy a cocktail. The Kapok Tree is the hotel's stunning Pan Asian restaurant. With the package deal you will be treated to an authentic three course Asian style meal. The restaurant is beautiful and yet remains stylish and trendy.

Check out the City Hotel and have a great experience on your trip to London.

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