I HEART NY Eateries

Many travellers head to the Big Apple with empty stomachs, ready for mammoth-sized portions of heart-stopping (in some cases, literally) gourmet provision, keen to eschew the more well-known names for great fare found anywhere. Whilst we can't vouch for quantity, we think these quality establishments are well worth a visit:

Greenwich Village

Already becoming something of a celebrity spot, the Spotted Pig tries hard, but not too hard to downplay its new status as provider of an incredible signature dish burger. You would be hard pushed to be tempted away from ordering the Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort Cheese & Shoestrings (fries), a true suburban carnivorous celebration. Try with a heart-exercising glass of red. www.spottedpig.com

Lower East Side

Not one for the wine-buffs in your party, this down to earth eaterie classifies its bottles using three categories: 'cheap', 'decent' and 'good'. Non-pretension is the name of the game here where a clean cut decor of a metallic bar, and cast-iron chairs provide a simple yet pronounced backdrop to dishes such as 'rotisserie chicken with roast potatoes'. Unique licensing means that the bar is open until 3am Fridays and Saturdays, making it a necessary stop on your bar-crawl home. www.schillersny.com


A former garage where New Yorkers would bring their beloved automobiles to be repaired, this trendy hotspot still retains its lifting glass door, which provides much needed 'outdoor' air in the Summer. Being Soho, you can buy the decor to take home: elaborate mirrors, crafted candelabras and the like. The food is heavily influenced by Turkey and involves plenty of meze and humous and fantastic Meatballs which are highly recommended. Leave enough room for Baklava! www.antiquegaragesoho.com

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