Hurghada: a diver's paradise and more

Hurghada, an Egyptian city along the Red Sea Coast, is a popular tourist destination because of its lovely beaches and awesome diving sites. You’ll find plenty of things to do in this bustling coastal city from camel rides in the Sahara and an encounter with Bedouin tribes to exciting belly dance and cultural shows.

Practical information

  • Getting there

Hurghada is easily accessible from Cairo and cities in Europe. EasyJet flies non-stop to Hurghada 3x a week from London. Thomas Cook Airlines also operate flights to the city from Manchester and Gatwick.

  • Booking a holiday to Hurghada

A quick search on the internet will give several options and holiday packages to Hurghada inclusive of flights, accommodation and transfers. Renting a car is also a good idea should you want to explore nearby sites.

  • What to see and do

Hurghada is best known for its warm temperatures, fine beaches, lively nightlife and excellent diving spots. Top diving spots include Umm Qamar, Little Giftun Island, Abu Ramada, Sha’ab Abu Ramada, Careless Reef and Sha’ab Umm Qam. When it comes to water sports you will have no trouble finding an activity you enjoy from swimming and snorkelling to diving and sailing.

Don’t want to get yourself under the water? There’s even a 'Sinbad Submarine’ experience where you will board a sub and explore the wonderful beauty of the Red Sea. Submerge at 22m and enjoy the wonders of the marine life. Children will enjoy the Aquarium located in the city near to the Ad-Dahar public hospital. No visit to Hurghada is complete without watching 6-hour Fantasia 1001 Show at Alf Leila We Leila. Equally, discover the art of belly dancing while having dinner at the Alf Layla wa Layla.

Day trips to nearby cities are feasible. You can explore the old city of Al-Qusayr with its historic Roman port. Hundreds of artefacts and amphora were found on the site. There are also ancient buildings in the area such as the 300-year old Ottoman fort and mosques. Makadi Bay, a tourist beach resort located 30 kms. south of Hurghada, is also another possibility while Sharm El Naga has an amazing cliff reef if you’re looking for another diving spot to add on your list. A boat trip to Giftun, a protected island, is worth considering for its untouched nature and marine life.

Too good to miss

Hurghada is an all-year holiday destination for all kinds of travellers from singles and couples to groups and families. There is enough to do and see whether you just want lots of sun soaking or engage in water sports. Flying 5 hours non-stop is completely worth the effort in exchange for that perfect holiday in the sun.

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