How to write a Flight Delay Compensation Letter

It can be extremely frustrating when you have arrived at the airport on time, checked in, gone through security and picked up your coffee only to find out that your flight is delayed by hours rather than minutes. While this is never enjoyable for anyone, at least there is a possibility that you can take action against the airline by writing a Flight Delay Letter and receive compensation for the delay and inconvenience you have had to go through.

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First, whether or not you can receive this compensation depends on the reason for the delay of your particular flight. If it was due to 'extraordinary circumstances' or anything out of the airlines control, you will not be compensated as there is nothing the airline could reasonably have done to prevent the delay. This would include things like severe weather, political instability or strikes. If your airline is not flying due to poor weather conditions but other airlines from the same airport are, you can challenge the airline in such an event.

Second, to receive compensation you need to either be travelling with a EU based airline or a non-EU airline that is departing from a EU airport, the delay needs to have been more than 2 hours and your destination more than 932 miles. You also need to have confirmed your booking and checked in on time to have your claim considered.

Third, your delay compensation letter needs to include a number of important pieces of information. You will need to include that under the EU Denied Boarding Regulation 261/2004 that you, the passenger, are entitled to compensation as well as including your:

  • Flight number
  • Date of flight
  • Location and time of departure and arrival
  • Ticket
  • Amount you are entitled to
  • For a guide when writing your letter, visit which.co.uk where you can view a full template.

    The expected amount of compensation will also vary depending on the distance and the length of the delay. If, for example, you are on a flight that is more than 3,500km and the delay was more than 4 hours, you are entitled to €600. To read a more comprehensive list of the entitled compensation, visit your airlines web page on their Conditions of Carriage.

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