How to Travel around the world for free

Those of you who want to set off and travel for the first time or have to sate your travel bug but don’t have the cash flow, worry not. There are a a few ways to travel around and get your adventure fix without having to pay a single pound. Here are a few ideas that may be worth looking into when planning your free travel around the world.

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One common way to travel around for free is to work while you travel. Teaching English in Southeast Asia is an extremely popular option where you can sign a 1 year contract with a school and get free round-trip flights and accommodation for the year free. You will also be basing yourself in a great location to explore other countries on the weekends and holidays.

Another idea is to do seasonal work on a farm in Australia, New Zealand or France. When you are finished picking the grapes or whatever is in season, you can hitchhike your way around the country and continue exploring with a little extra cash in your pocket. One means of taking advantage of seasonal work is thorugh WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). This is a work exchange for room and board setup and allows you to learn about farming in various cultures and environments.

If you would like to have a free place to sleep without doing any physical labour, visit CouchSurfing.org or GlobalFreeLoaders.com and secure some free accommodation along with a great chance to learn about the local culture. You can sign up for free on both sites and compare perspective host's profiles to double check if they seem like a good fit before committing to stay with them.

Getting to and from various countries is usually where the costs add up quickest. In order to avoid this you can always work on a boat. Often cruise ships are on the lookout for barbers, cooks, deckhands or anyone with service industry experience. Most opportunities are available between September and October before cruises depart for the Caribbean. Visit The Crew Network for more information on employee requirements and how to apply.

Let us not forget that eating costs a lot of money while travelling. Oftentimes, local bakeries, pizza shops, markets and other restaurants throw out produce at the end of the day that didn’t sell and will soon expire. Simply ask these establishments if they have anything they would be willing to give you and hope for the best. Keep in mind, family businesses will more likely do this than any of the big chains and very importantly, avoid any food that has gone too far past its' sell by date.

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