How to tip in Portugal

Portugal is a country known for its golden beaches, rich history and mouthwatering food. While you are here exploring all its hidden gems it has to offer it is important to keep a few etiquette rules in mind. While you may be used to tipping a certain way back at home at your favorite restaurants, the tipping scene in Portugal is different.

    Lusitana - Wikimedia

Similar to Spain, tipping in general is not normally expected in situations where it might normally be back at home. Locals sometimes round the bill up to the nearest euro if they are paying for a beverage or tapa, but not all do this and those that do tip may not do so every time.

In the case of fine dining restaurants, it is acceptable to leave a tip of around 5-10% but again it is not required. Make sure to double check when you are paying the bill and make sure that the service fee is not already included. If you do decide to leave a tip, leave it on the table because if it is put on the credit card, the server will most likely never see it.

Unlike less touristy areas, the Algarve or Lisbon is where you will find more tourists and more tips being left. Staff in these areas might be expecting tips, but they are still by no means required. Like any situation, if you feel that the service you received deserves extra recognition, feel free to leave a tip.

Taxis are another example of when you aren not expected to tip unless there is something you really appreciated. It is acceptable to leave a few euro for the porterage and concierge services at hotels or if you are on a tour for your guide. Take this advice on board when you visit Portugal but most importantly, enjoy your trip!

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