How to spend money on your holiday itself, not on airport-related costs.

It’s easy to think that once you’ve found a good deal on flights and accommodation, your money-saving job is done. But your journey involves other expenses which can add up but can be avoided with a little care. We've scanned the web and come up with the following tips as recommended by the Daily Mail, on just how to do that.

Travelling by coach or train to the airport instead of driving can be a lot cheaper. You can get good coach deals by booking on-line through www.nationalexpress.com, while you'll save on train travel by booking well in advance and committing to specific times. Start by checking out www.nationalrail.co.uk but also check www.heathrowexpress.com for money-saving options. They sometimes offer up to 50 per cent discount on return journeys for bookings for two or more travellers and (www.gatwickexpress.com) and (www.stanstedexpress.com) also offer discounts for online bookings, and occasional 4-for-the-price-of-2 and 3-for-2 tickets.

If you do decide to drive to the airport, check out the airport parking price comparison website, www.gosimply.com which can save you up to 50% on long-term parking at the major airports. Alternatively look into the combined hotel/parking deals, which include parking for the duration of your trip with a night’s accommodation. In a budget hotel, the stay-and-park rates can cost little more than the parking alone, and you can enjoy a good night’s rest before leaving on an early morning flight.

And finally, it’s well worth pre-ordering currency, avoiding the airport bureaux de change. At the Gatwick Travelex bureau, €500 could cost you up to £30 more than if you order through www.travelex.co.uk for subsequent collection at their Gatwick outlet.

So boot up your computer well in advance and make significant savings.

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