How to save your pennies in Rome.

Visitors to the UK capital can get their culture rush without putting their hands in their pockets, with free entrance to amazing world class museums. Keep in mind when you plan your trip to the eternal city, that most of the Roman galleries and museums will charge an entrance fee. Fees range from €3 to €12, depending on the size of the museum, but if you visit a number of must-sees, you’ll find yourself going through your budget at a rate of knots.

To save your hard earned cash, check with the tourist office for times of the week when there is no charge. For example, entrance to the Vatican Museum and the fabulous Sistine Chapel is free on the last Sunday of each month, and there is no charge to visit St Peter's Basilica itself at any time. There are many other stunning churches in Rome which are free to visit.

One free fascinating sight to head for is the 2nd-century Pantheon. Furthermore, Angel Tours (www.angeltoursrome.com) offer a free thirty minute tour of this ancient temple at 7pm every evening in high season except Sundays.

Of the small number of museums and galleries that offer free entry, the National Academy of San Luca, the Historic Museum of the Liberation of Rome, and the Numismatic Museum of the Italian Mint are worth a visit.

However, the best way to really take in the atmosphere of this unique city is to wander form one work of in situ art to another. You don’t have to pay to be wowed by Piazza Navona, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps, and the gardens at the Villa Borghese make the perfect place for an in-town grand stroll. Enjoy!

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