How to save money moving around Rome, Venice, Paris and Amsterdam.

If the Easter break seems like eons away and you’re desperate to get away but you’ve overspent in the sales, a weekend away must seem like the impossible dream. But it needn’t be: most of us know how to find cheap flights and hotels through price-comparison websites such as www.skyscanner.net and www.trivago.co.uk but there are also ways of getting around your chosen city cheaply.

If you’ve chosen Venice, you’ll make a considerable saving by investing in a transport pass, reports the Daily Mail. A single journey on the city’s water bus costs a shocking £5.50, so you’ll be much better off buying a pass allowing unlimited travel. A 48-hour pass in low season costs £17.50. Visit www.veniceconnected.com and get travel passes at discounted rates.

The Roma Pass (www.romapass.it) is good value, giving you not only the use of public transport over three days for £21, but also free admission to the first two museums or archaeological sites you visit, discounts at others and speedy access into the Colosseum, allowing you to avoid the long queues.

An alternative, eco-friendly way of saving money on local transport is to get on yer bike. Visit www.velib.paris.fr for details of the city’s bike-share system. Buy a one-day ticket for €1 and you can make as many journeys of under 30 minutes as you want for free. And if Amsterdam is your chosen destination, you can either rent a bike, or just simply stroll around the city’s beautiful canal side streets.

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