How to ride around the world on yer bike!

Right on eco-minded travellers may be opting for the car and ferry over the plane to get to their holiday destination, but let’s face it: the only true ‘clean’ form of transport is the old fashioned way, that is by bike, horse or on foot.

Not all of us can ride a horse but most can ride a bike, and those who have tried a cycling holiday enthuse about the freedom you feel and what a great form of exercise it is. Here are some tips, as recommended by BBC Travel, if you decide to opt for a trip around the world by bike.

First of all, only millionaires can take time out to do it all in one go. The sensible option is to do your trip in stages. Try a month at a time, choosing your stage according to the weather conditions at the time of year you plan on going.

You’re unlikely to be breaking new ground, so take advantage of the multitude of maps of bike routes all over the world. Once you knew where you want to go, check out these sites: Adventure Cycling Association (North America), Planning your own European Bicycle Tour, Spice Roads (Asia), Tour d’ Afrique Ltd (Africa), DuVine Adventures (South America) and Cycling Tours Australia and New Zealand.

Get fit before you start out. Strength training is really helpful and just keep pedalling! You will also get stronger as your trip progresses. Plan your overnight stops in advance but take a durable, compact tent with high circulation just in case. Do some practice rides with the predicted weight you will be carrying to check you can handle it, and use the bike you are planning on taking. A biking weekend away is a good way to start.

Check out the Bicycle Touring Pro site for any biking questions you might have. Happy pedalling!

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