How to pack for a caravan holiday

A caravan holiday allows you the opportunity to visit your destination without having to incur the harsh expenses of hotel rooms throughout your stay.

Clothing: You must pack for your caravan holiday with the appropriate clothing. Because you will not have the luxury of staying in a hotel, you may need to pack warmer clothing if you expect it to be cold outside, and cooler clothing in warm months.

A poncho and rain boots will also come in handy on stormy days when you need to leave the caravan to access facilities at the camping site. A umbrella will also come in handy during these rainy days.

Cookware and Food: At a caravan campsite, you may not find restaurant conveniently available. Therefore, you should have the ability to access and prepare your own food for meals. Bring proper cookware along for this purpose.

Keep dishes and utensils plastic when possible. This will keep you from having to worry about packing and travelling with fragile pieces along your trip.

Many caravans will include a stove and microwave, which will serve for most of your cooking needs. You may also need items like: kitchen tongs, measuring jugs, wooden spoons, a cutting board and a few quality knives.

Non-perishable foods work well while taking a holiday in your caravan. Some of these foods include: pasta, legumes, condiments, rice, tea, coffee, dried herbs, vinegar, oil, salt, pepper and canned goods.

As you travel around, you may want to pick up some perishable items that you can cook right away. These will help keep your meals tasty.

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