How to have a luxury holiday in the Emirates on the cheap.

The fact that the economic downturn has hit the once prohibitively expensive Emirates is no secret, and neither is the knowledge that one of the consequences is that you can bag a bargain when booking your hotel. But there are other ways of saving money, allowing you to have a luxury holiday without skimping on style. Follow our tips and you’ll have more money in your pocket to spend in the mall.

Firstly, choose the time of year carefully. Not all of us can stand the scorching heat (summer temperatures can be well over 100ºF) but for those who can, you can save up to 75% on hotel rates in low season, that is from June to August. Choose early summer as in late summer a humid southeastern wind known as Sharqi (Easterner) makes the coastal region less pleasant. Remember the hotels and malls are air-conditioned and you can spend the rest of the time around the pool!

Remember to check that rates are all-inclusive. Many hotels charge 20% tax, 10% municipal tax, and 10% service charge, reports BBC Travel. You also need to enquire if the hotel offers complementary airport, beach and mall shuttle buses, and possible hotel spa deals as many do but they are not advertised.

Finally, when it comes to fine dining, your British body clock could save you a lot of money! Some of the top restaurants offer special discounts of up to 50% off for early birders, that is for those eating dinner before 8.30pm. If you prefer to go native, there are also excellent-value set menus to watch out for. Enjoy!

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