How to fly with animals on Ryanair

For those of you heading on a holiday who do not want to leave your furry friend behind, it is important to first research animal rules and regulations for the airline you are planning to book with. There are many airlines that only allow certain animals and Ryanair is one of them.

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Ryanair is pretty straightforward in regards to their animal flying rules. Service animals such as Guide dogs are the only animals that are allowed to fly on Ryanair routes and even at that, they are only allowed to fly on certain routes. They may be taken on flights within Europe (EU and EEA) but not on flights to and from Morocco. Animals that are there for emotional support do not qualify as service animals.

If you are taking a guide dog, make sure to first notify the airline during the booking process and see what documentation is required. This would include documentation such as:

  • Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), also known as a Pet Passport
  • Dog's health certificate
  • Micro-chip
  • Training certificate
Make sure you have the full list of required documentation or else there is a strong likelihood that your dog will not be allowed to board with you.

It is also extremely important to also research country specific regulations that may be in place. For example, dogs entering the UK need to be treated against tapeworms 24 - 120 hours before its' arrival time in the UK. This needs to be recorded in your dogs' pet passport. Have copies of the documents readily available as an owner of a travelling dog needs to be able to prove that it is trained, certified and properly controlled at all times.

Be sure to take your dog to your veterinarian at least 4 days before travelling. You can then ask about any diseases or parasites your dog may be exposed to and how you might be able to protect them. Also, make note of what to do if they suffer from motion sickness as well as time zone changes and how that might affect your dogs feeding times.

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