How to fly with a baby, stress-free

When a baby is tiny, it can often be the ideal time to get away for a much-needed family break. With no school holidays to worry about for a few years, knowing the tricks about how to fly with a baby can be the starting point for rewarding and relaxing trips abroad.

Tiny jetsetters

The important part of how to fly with a baby is knowing your baby's habits. If the little mite likes to scream its head off for long periods, perhaps subjecting a planeload of travellers to your personal nightmare is not the best idea.

Just relax

Otherwise, it can be surprisingly easy travelling long distances with an infant. Most airlines make special provisions for babies and indeed, an infant will often find a long-haul flight much more comfortable than poor old Mum and Dad.

Many airlines on long-haul routes offer skycots, convenient beds that strap onto the bulkhead of the plane, allowing baby a comfortable sleeping environment. These are obviously limited, so book early and enquire about onboard carrycots if the skycots are not available.

Most planes will have baby-changing facilities in the toilets, although don't expect them to be spacious. Cabin crew will usually be happy to warm bottles or provide hot water to warm baby food jars.

Make sure that baby has comfortable clothing for the duration of the flight. Cabin temperatures differ but a onesie will usually ensure that baby is warm and relaxed. Most importantly, ensure you carry several changes of clothes as babies, in the air as much as on land, like to spread their food and drink over as wide an area as possible.

Age restrictions

Before booking, check your airline's advice on how to fly with a baby. They will have a minimum age for travel, but bear in mind that for international journeys, baby will need his or her own passport, so a few weeks after the birth will be a minimum requirement to arrange this.

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