How to escape the summer heat in Rome.

If you’re booked to go to Rome, remember to pack your sun cream, straw hat and comfy sandals: it’s promising to be a scorcher of a month. While it’s true that you can cool down with arguably the world’s best and most wonderful ice cream, the travel savvy go out early morning to the main tourist sites, siesta after an al fresco lunch, then hit the town again in the cool of the evening.

Why not combine keeping cool with visiting some of the city’s most treasured art works? Every last Tuesday of the month, a number of the town’s museums offer free evening entrance. So stroll through the historic park of the Villa Borghese and visit the Nazionale d’Arte Moderna or look into the Palazzo Barberini as the sun goes down. Free entrance from 7-11p.m. Check www.benicultural.it for further details.

And on the 8th and the 15th of this month, the Vatican is opening late, from 7-11pm (last visit 9.30p.m), giving you the chance to be wowed by the amazing works of art in situ. This is fee paying, however, with a charge of €15 but it’s worth every euro cent. You must reserve in advance so visit www.museivaticani.va

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