How to book hotel without a credit card

Not everyone is a fan of having to use a card to pay for everything they purchase. If you are trying to find ways to book a hotel without having to use a credit card, there may be a way or two to do just that. Here are a few tips that can help you avoid having to whack your booking on your plastic.

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The idea behind booking hotels with a credit card is that it reserves and guarantees the booking. If you do not show up or cancel at the twelfth hour, the hotel can still charge you in order to cover their costs. The last thing any hotel wants is to be left with an empty room and no payment after having reserved it for you. For this reason alone, it can be hard to find accommodation that you can book without using a card.

One thing you can do though is call or email a hotel personally in advance to see if a courtesy hold is possible. This may be more likely for smaller hotels, as they may be more accommodating to you using cash. Unfortunately, larger chains may not be so helpful and often will flat out refuse to hold a room without getting credit card information on file. Ask about what policies a hotel has for debit card and cash reservations and possibly offer a cash deposit upon arrival if possible.

Some hotels may accept Paypal as it becomes a more accepted method of payment worldwide. Paypal is accepted on several travel and accommodation sites, most notable possibly being AirBnB where you only need to provide the email address hooked to your Paypal account to secure a booking. Check with each hotel and see if there are fees for incidentals and if so, ask if you can pay for them through Paypal account as well.

There are also a number of hotels that accept bank account details in lieu of credit card information. These places require a fully refundable amount that is withdrawn to cover incidental expenses. This will be returned to you once your room is inspected upon your departure. Make sure you bring along your personal or business cheque book as a hotel may require you to pay in advance.

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