How to become a digital nomad and globetrotter extraordinaire

The world is a-changing and the pace at which it changes seems to be doing so at an ever increasing rate. While this inherently has its' bad points for society at large, it also opens up the doors to new and exciting possibilities, especially to those with travelling on the brain. Let's see if living life as a digital nomad is something that would suit you.

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First and foremost, what on earth is a digital nomad I hear you ask! Well at the very heard of it, a digital nomad is someone who can leverage their skills and work on the go as they travel and journey all over the world. Quite often these skills are IT related but they do not have to be so exclusively.

The benefits of being able to uproot and take off in search of adventure while still managing to earn a living is very appealing to many. Just imagine being able to ditch your 9-5 job and instead choose to get to know multiple foreign cultures on a more intimate level. Digital nomads get to live outside of the rat race and reap the rewards of choosing a life of travelling.

Hot and in demand IT skills such as web design, programming, app development or website management mean that all you really need is a decent computer and access to wifi every now and again. If all of these skills seem too specialised for you but you are rather good at staying connected with all sorts of web technologies then a globetrotting career in social networking or PR might be a real option.

Some great non IT skills to have include being a good writer, an ace photographer or even just be passionate enough about a cause to get stuck in and do something about it. Having any of these skills opens you up to being able to earn your crust by blogging, selling images as a freelancer or creating paid positions for yourself by tackling social issues all while travelling. To help you on your way, check out www.backpacking-united.com for all the supplies you will need for your new career around the world.

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