How to Avoid Ryanair Baggage Fees

The no-frills airline, Ryanair is known for their rather unfriendly customer service, especially when it comes to baggage allowance. This is an area they have recently been trying to improve, but those that are still worried about getting caught with carry on baggage fees should read on on about ways to avoid them.

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Currently there is no charge for basic hand luggage that is no larger than 55x40x20cm and weighs less than 10 kg. Passengers are also allowed to take one handbag that is up to 35 x 20 x20. If you do get caught with heavy or larger than allowed luggage you will be charged £15 if you paid in advance, £30-75 at check-in or £50 at the gate.

If this seems doesn't seem like enough space, you have the option to pay a fee and check in baggage or you could think of ways to be travel savvy. If the latter option seems more appealing than the former, here are some tips to help get you saving space and packing smarter.

While this may seem obvious, the simplest way to avoid baggage fees is to pack less. Rather than pack your entire wardrobe, think about bringing or purchasing washing powder and only packing a few outfits. Save money and buy the clear 100ml bottles and fill them with your own liquids rather than purchasing expensive travel kits.

Layer up. Wear the heavy jacket and sweater and pack away the lighter items. Stuff the shoes with socks and use the space as wisely as possible. If you want to go to extreme layering, head to a local outdoor or survivalist store and purchase a vest or jacket that has a deep poachers pocket. While they can be pricy, they can pack in a lot of undetectable luggage.

Many places selling luggage have sets available that are aimed at travellers who are flying low-budget airlines. They are cases that are simple and much lighter than the hardcover cases. Always make sure to weigh the luggage before leaving for the airport. It is better to get everything sorted ahead of time and have a stress free time at the airport.

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