How to apply for a visa to China from the UK

Any non Chinese national visiting China needs to have a visa to enter the country as only citizens from Japan, Singapore and Brunei are exempt from this process. Without a valid visa you will simply be refused entry and put on the next plane heading back to the UK. Let's take a look at the process for applying for a Chinese visa for UK citizens.

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The first thing you need to ensure your application will be successful is to ensure that you hold a valid British passport with more than 6 months remaining on it. You will also need to ensure that your passport has at least 3 blank pages for your visa to be entered as well as the various travel stamps you will get upon arrival and departure from China.

Once that is all in order then your next step is to pick up a visa application form and fill in all your personal and travel information. You will also need two passport pictures to accompany the application form. You will then have to take your application in person to one of the Visa Application Service Centres in either London, Manchester or Edinburgh.

Visa applications and approved visas for collection must be done in person or by an entrusted third party in the event that you are not available to do it yourself. The processing time is officially stated as 4 working days but you will find that it is closer to between 5 -10 working days in most instances.UK passport holders do not need a visa to enter Hong Kong and Macao.

The cost of a single entry Chinese visa is £30 for a UK citizen with more expensive multiple entry options available too. The best way to get your visa application moving quickly is to grab an application form online and have it all filled out before taking it to the Chinese Embassy. To speed things up for you, you can download an application from from here: www.travelchinaguide.com/embassy/pdf/visa-application.pdf

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