How much is a flight to Australia?

So you're wondering: how much is a flight to Australia? Unfortunately there's no black and white answer. The price you pay will largely depend on:

  1. How far in advance you book
  2. The route you fly
  3. The airline you are flying with
  4. What month you fly in
  5. What day of the week you fly on
  6. The class your ticket is in

There are ways to manipulate these factors to ensure that the price you pay for your flight to Australia is as cheap as possible. Let's take a look...

  1. Book as far in advance as possible. Airlines usually release tickets for sale 12 months in advance. In general, the more tickets that are still available, the lower the price you will pay.
  2. Main routes are usually cheaper than routes that are off the beaten track. For example, London to Sydney has more airlines flying the route and therefore increased competition and cheaper fares.
  3. Some airlines will always be more expensive than others. Asian airlines often offer bargain rates for UK to Australia flights. Air Asia in particular offer flights from Stansted to Perth, Melbourne and the Gold Coast for incredibly low rates.
  4. Low season in Australia tends to be the southern hemisphere's winter (i.e. June, July and August). However, bear in mind the size of the country and that while parts of the country are cold and wet, other parts and dry and warm.
  5. Tuesdays and Thursdays tend to be the cheapest days to fly to Australia.
  6. Economy fares are obviously lower than business class or first class.

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