How clean is your hotel room?

It can be a wonderful treat to book a weekend away and stay at a nice hotel for a night or two. But it may not be as wonderful as you had hoped. A Reddit user recently posted a photo of a note they found in their hotel room at the Courtyard Marriott hotel. They got into bed and found a piece of paper that said, “If you’re reading this, then house keeping did not change your sheets”. So how clean are hotel rooms?


It turns out that they are often not as clean as many visitors are led to believe. Beds are tempting to fall into once you arrive in the room but be aware that duvets rarely get cleaned as they are cumbersome and take a large amount of time to wash and dry. Some hotels have even admitted they only get washed a few times a year! There are hotels now that are using removable duvet covers which make it easier to clean.

The glasses that are found in the bathroom near the sink should also be used with caution. While they may look sparkly and clean from the outside, chances are they were simply rinsed and placed back. Some cleaners have even said they use glass cleaner on them which can be hazardous to one's health. If in doubt, go to the front desk and ask for sealed disposable ones.

Bed bugs are another common sight in hotel rooms. They are hard to spot, but take the time to pull back the covers and check the mattress and sheets for brown bloodstains. It may save you from spreading and having to purge them later in your house.


Other precautions you can take to make sure you don’t catch any unwanted germs or bacteria is to take alcoholic wipes with you. Once you arrive in the hotel room, wipe down the light switches, remotes, telephone, door knobs and any other places you think seem dirty. The bathrooms though are surprisingly the cleanest place in the entire room according to the health and safety firm Check Safety Firm. But maybe it's better to be safe than sorry.

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