How NOT to get stressed at the airport.

Air travel is certainly not what it used to be. Gone are the days when arriving at the airport came with a sense of special occasion. Too often these days it’s accompanied by a sense of foreboding. It may seem like there’s no way to escape the pushing and shoving and general chaos unless you’re a privileged business class traveller, but happily that is not the case.

You may not know that a number of airports these days have lounges that you can use whichever airline you’re flying with and whatever type of ticket you have. Entry is not free (charges range from £16 to £20 per person) but if you consider what you get for your money, you may well be tempted.

In general, entry fee includes drinks and snacks, newspapers and magazines, and internet access. Breakfast time arguably gives you the best deal, with free croissants, cereal and fruit. Fruit, cakes, biscuits and sometimes sandwiches are on offer during the rest of the day. Most drinks are also free, including alcohol.

If you weigh up the cost, you might find you spend as much for breakfast, your favourite magazine and an hour on the internet in the departure lounge as you would on traveller lounge entry, and you have the added advantage of a little peace and quiet and comfort.

Servisair (www.executive lounges.com) has lounges at most UK airports or for a good selection of UK and overseas airports, try Lounge Pass (www.loungepass.com) and www.gosimply.com. Happy lounging!

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