Amazing House rentals in Scotland

House in Scotland

Scotland, home to over 5 million people is a land of amazing contrasts. A country steeped in ancient history that has taken it's place in the modern United Kingdom.

You can have a countless numbers of holidays or short breaks in Scotland. City breaks or summer stays in country manors are all possible in the beautiful Scottish scenery.

If you fancy a stay in a large Scottish manor or perhaps a country residence with a bit of class you can find the perfect accommodation at LHHScotland.com. LHH (or Large Holiday Houses) is a company providing some of the most breathtaking residencies we have ever seen.

You can find accommodation in castles and cottages throughout Scotland for as few as two people and as many as twenty-six!

Obviously with this kind of luxury booking prices can be expensive but for an important occasion or a once off event these rentals cannot be beaten.

Holiday-Rentals.co.uk have over 1000 Scottish rentals in amazing locations. With more modest accommodation than LHH you will be sure to find something in your price bracket. The site boasts an excellent search facility that lets you refine your search via number of beds, location and numerous other factors. This makes finding the perfect house in Scotland easier than ever before.

HomeAway.com is our final tip for accommodation and house searches in Scotland. With city and rural houses available its a brilliant resource for the eager holiday maker.

Be sure to shop around and ask for a discount on any rental that you do decide to embark upon.

Happy Holidays.

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