House of Fraser Travel Accessories

A Wide Price Range

One of the main advantages of shopping with House of Fraser for your travel accessories and luggage is the wide range of prices.

As of September 2011, the cheapest travel case is the Linea, which costs £37.50, while the most expensive of House of Fraser's travel cases cost upwards of £240 (Houseoffraser.co.uk).


Range of Products

House of Fraser also provides consumers and travellers with a decent range of products, ensuring that a visit to one of their stores or website will prove fruitful.

House of Fraser travel goods include travel cases, executive shoulder bags, cabin-sized and children's luggage, holdalls and duffel bags, expandable cases, laptop bags and lightweight luggage.

The store also vends a line of travel accessories, which includes passport holders, straps and locks, travel wallets, ear plugs, inflatable neck pillows and luggage tags.


Up To 10 Year Warranty

Shopping with House of Fraser gives you peace of mind.

Not only are the products from recognised luggage brand names such as Samsonite, Antler, Carlton and Eastpak, but the shop also offers you an up to 10 year warranty on all products.

This means, should your product develop a fault and you can demonstrate proof of purchase with a receipt, you can either have the item replaced in a like for like switch or receive a refund.


Buying from House of Fraser

There are two main ways you can make House of Fraser travel luggage purchases.

Firstly, you can visit the shop's online presence at Houseoffraser.co.uk and visit the "Home and Furniture" then "Luggage" sections.

Secondly, you can visit a House of Fraser store in person. Use the shop's website's store locator to find your nearest House of Fraser. Click the "Store locator" link at the top right hand side of the House of Fraser homepage.


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