Take a look at these great hotlels in portsmouth

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Looking for somewhere to stay in Portsmouth? Well you can stop looking because we have found great hotlels in Portsmouth that are very easy to book and suit a range of budgets.

The Holiday Inn Express is one of the best choices of hotel in Portsmouth. Located in the middle of the lively Gun wharfs Quay, it is perfect for a family holiday or a weekend away with your friends. It is also central to beautiful cosmopolitan bars and restaurants and if you like a flutter there is a great casino nearby as well. A double bedroom is available for three nights for an average price of £217 which is very good. You can book this hotel on line at www.hiexpress.com or on the phone at 0818 903 810.

Also you could do worse than stay in the beautiful Marriot Hotel while in Portsmouth. This hotel has easy access to all the major routes and its convenient location near all the popular sites sets it up for a great stay. They have beautiful bars and restaurants which include the popular Starbucks Cafe. They also have an indoor pool and gym facilities available which might appeal to you. Prices for a double room are available for £84 which is very similar to the Holiday Inn. If you want to book this hotel you can book online at www.marriott.co.uk or alternatively you can call on 44-23-9238 3151.

These prices we have quoted are for July and they might vary depending on availability. So waste no more time book with one of these great hotels in Portsmouth today and have a great time in Portsmouth.


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