Best value hotels in Turkey!

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Turkey is one of the top destinations for holiday makers from the UK. The most popular spots are Istanbul, Kusadasi and Izmir. The following are among the best value for money hotels in Turkey.


The Burckin Hotel in Istanbul is centrally located in the city. There are excellent views of the famous Blue Mosque and Bosphorus from the rooftop terrace. All rooms are air conditioned with LCD TVs and free Wi-Fi. Prices start from £50. The Albinas Hotel is situated in the Old City and is within 100 metres of the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. Hotel facilities include bar, lounge, courtyard, garden and terrace. Room rates start from £70.


The Hotel Olivia is 7 kilometres from Kusadasi and is situated just 400 metres from Long Beach. Rooms are spacious and have private balconies with views of the Aegean Sea. Facilities include a bar, garden, family rooms and sun terrace. The Sozer Hotel is located close to a number of excellent beaches. All rooms are spacious and have air conditioning and free Wi-Fi. There is also an outdoor swimming pool. Prices start from just £20 per person per night.


The Park Hotel in Izmir is located close to the Basmane train and metro stations. Breakfast is served from 7 am every morning. There is also a restaurant that serves local and European dishes. Prices start from £35 per night. The Met Boutique Hotel is located just one kilometre from the Izmir seafront. Rooms are stylishly decorated and have free Wi-Fi. Prices start from £50.

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