Hotels that keep you busy.

If you get bored easily you may wish to opt for one of a number of hotels around the world that are now organizing activities for guests who can’t sit still. We have chosen three of the best from a list by writer Robin Dalmas.

The Tango: It takes two to Tango, so if your partner is willing, the Hilton Buenos Aires in Argentina will help you learn to twirl. Their Tango package includes accommodation with breakfast, a private one-hour tango lesson at a nearby Tango Academy, a tango show with dinner and a museum visit to learn about the “King of Tango,” Carlos Gardel. http://www.hilton.com/en/hi/hotels/specials.

Abseiling at Iguazu Falls: On the border of Brazil and Argentina, Iguazu Falls is an amazing collection of 275 waterfalls. The view is breathtaking but Hotel das Cataratas in Brazil’s Iguazu National Park offers a different slant. Instructors take you on a short walk through the rain forest to an abseiling platform from where you abseil 181 feet down the banks of the Iguazu River with views of the rain forest and the multiple falls. www.hoteldascataratas.com

Swimming with the Dolphins: Who wouldn’t adore getting close to these smiling marine mammals? You can swim with dolphins at Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas where you can also learn about their behaviour, physiology and marine-life conservation. There’s a shallow-water interaction with one dolphin, two trainers and a maximum of 10 guests in waist-deep water, or a deep-water interaction where guests snorkel and swim alongside dolphins with a hand-held water scooter. www.atlantis.com

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